London Calling – Ideas Powered to visit YouTube Space

© YouTube
© YouTube

On Friday 16th November, Ideas Powered will be live at the YouTube Space in London to spread awareness about the importance of protecting and respecting people's creative work.

We'll be joined in London by three young YouTubers who boast over 17 million combined views on the platform. Each of them will be documenting their creative and physical journey on film until they arrive at the YouTube Space in London so keep an eye on our social media over the coming days for more details.  

Anyone out there interested in creating their own content, or legally curating the content of others, should stay tuned as we discuss issues that can prevent YouTubers being correctly rewarded for their creative endeavours.

Re-uploads, using music without attribution, plagiarism – these are all hot topics and we'll be looking into them on the day with our three YouTubers and an Intellectual Property expert from Google.

Meet the YouTubers:

Kamila: A Polish YouTuber with over 250,000 subscribers. Her channel features fashion, make-up, art, gaming and much more.

Holly: An illustrator and YouTuber based in Derbyshire, UK, with an online audience of almost 60,000. Check out her channel to find tutorials and advice for up and coming illustrators, as well as plenty of insights into life in the English countryside.

Laura: A YouTuber based in Lithuania with an online following of over 50,000. Laura's been involved with Ideas Powered for over three years now and we're delighted she'll be joining us once again to help raise awareness about IP and to spread the importance for creators of IP rights.

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