Nice to meet you Nani!

The Hornbills Studio/
The Hornbills Studio/

The government of India launched an Intellectual Property (IP) mascot at the conference on National Intellectual Property Right Policy in New Delhi. Nani the IP mascot is a tech-savvy grandmother who will spread awareness about the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) among people, especially children, in India.

Minister of Commerce and Industry Shri Suresh Prabhu has launched this national IP mascot in order to help the government and enforcement agencies to combat IP crimes with the help of her grandson “Chhotu” aka Aditya. During the National Intellectual Property Rights Policy in New Delhi, the Minister said, “the protection of IP rights (IPR) is critical for building a knowledge-based society adding that mere legal provisions are not sufficient for its protection but their strict implementation is equally required”. He also emphasised that “piracy is a serious crime which should not go unpunished”.

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