Online victims of scams: more common than you might think

Crystal Eye Studio/
Crystal Eye Studio/

We all know a friend or a family member that has ordered goods online only to find when it arrives that it bears little resemblance of what was advertised online. Although usually turned into a funny story to be shared on social media, there is a whole criminal world behind these transactions.

Using real life cases, the Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom has created a series of videos displaying the danger of scams to show how fake goods affect more people every day than anyone can imagine.

The videos show the larger consequences of buying fake goods online. More than just losing your money, the e-customer risks having their data used for other purposes. The data is used to open other counterfeiting websites, receiving lots of phishing emails (where credit card information, personal data, and that of your contact are stolen) or even identity theft for criminal bands. The video concludes:  you wouldn’t give your name, address and credit card information to a stranger in the street so why do so online? The message then: think before you click!