Will you stay for another cup of coffee?


The EU General Court has ruled that trademark applications for ‘teaespresso’ and ‘tèespresso’ are both too similar to earlier marks for ‘Tpresso’ and therefore can’t be registered. A bit of research early on can often save trademark applicants time and money. So what stops business from doing so?

The cost of trademarks is often a decisive factor for businesses when deciding to register early or wait until things really take off. But playing it safe is not always playing it smart when you breakdown the investment. Let’s just say a cup of coffee costs around 3 EUR for example. The usual cost of an EU trademark is around 850 EUR, but it covers 10 years and 28 countries of the EU. This works out at 3.03 EUR per country, per year. If you were to pay for just one cup of coffee per day, then over 10 years this would total 10,950 EUR.

At 850 EUR then, that investment for an EU trademark for ten years suddenly seems like quite a wise and cost efficient investment. No surprise then that EUIPO registers over 135,000 trademarks every year.

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