If you are looking for classroom resources to help your students understand Intellectual Property (IP), or maybe you are thinking of organising an IP Awareness Day; perhaps you want to incorporate the topics of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship into your lessons.

This searchable collection of links to IP in Education resources provides practical, ready to use lessons in all EU languages for primary and secondary students.

Type of resource: Secondary

Language of resource: EN, IT

True Hunters is a web based game that aims to inform and raise awareness among teenagers aged 14 to 16 on Intellectual Property and its related issues.

«True Hunters» è un gioco disponibile in rete che mira a informare e sensibilizzare gli adolescenti di età compresa tra i 14 e i 16 anni riguardo alla proprietà intellettuale e alle relative questioni.

Type of resource: Secondary

Language of resource: IT

Educational kit to spread knowledge of the principles that regulate the world of music and cinema and the value and significance of Intellectual Property rights.

Un kit educativo per far conoscere i principi che regolano il mondo della musica e del cinema nonché il valore e l’importanza dei diritti di proprietà intellettuale.

Type of resource: Primary

Language of resource: LV

Entertaining interactive training material to build awareness related to copyright.

Izklaidējošs, interaktīvs mācību materiāls, lai veidotu izpratni par autortiesībām.

Type of resource: Primary, Secondary

Language of resource: LV

“The Journey into the Industrial Property World”. Interdisciplinary material based around four animated films that provide a better understanding of the subject.

“Ceļojums rūpnieciskā īpašuma pasaulē”. Starpdisciplinārs materiāls, kura pamatā ir četras animācijas filmas, kas ļauj labāk izprast šo tēmu.

Type of resource: Secondary

Language of resource: NL

Copyright information site, with dedicated section for education and copyright.

Website met informatie over auteursrechten, met een speciaal onderdeel over onderwijs en auteursrecht.

Type of resource: Secondary

Language of resource: NL

Video lessons where pupils learn that authors are the owners of the texts they write and that you cannot simply copy or adapt these texts. They also learn when to make a source reference and how to quote someone.

Videolessen waarin leerlingen leren dat auteurs eigenaar zijn van de teksten die ze schrijven en dat je die teksten niet gewoon kunt kopiëren of aanpassen. Ze leren ook wanneer ze een bronverwijzing moeten maken en hoe ze iemand moeten citeren.

Type of resource: Primary, Secondary, Teacher info

Language of resource: PL

Developed under the Digital Future project , the website contains over 235 lessons for all educational stages.

Opracowana w ramach projektu Digital Future, ta strona internetowa zawiera ponad 235 lekcji na wszystkie etapy edukacyjne.

Type of resource: Secondary

Language of resource: SK

Information website on Intellectual Property, including downloadable book.

Webová stránka s informáciami o duševnom vlastníctve vrátane knihy s možnostou prevzatia.