If you are looking for classroom resources to help your students understand Intellectual Property (IP), or maybe you are thinking of organising an IP Awareness Day; perhaps you want to incorporate the topics of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship into your lessons.

This searchable collection of links to IP in Education resources provides practical, ready to use lessons in all EU languages for primary and secondary students.

Type of resource: Secondary

Language of resource: EN, PL

This a project to promote intellectual property education in schools. It provides a range of educational materials concerned with Intellectual Property, including webinars, lesson plans and a study visit to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. Students receive a certificate on completion of the project.

Jest to projekt promujący edukację w zakresie własności intelektualnej w szkołach. W ramach projektu uczniowie otrzymują szereg materiałów edukacyjnych dotyczących własności intelektualnej, w tym webinaria, scenariusze lekcji oraz wizytę studyjną w Urzędzie Patentowym RP. Po zakończeniu projektu uczniowie otrzymują certyfikat.

Type of resource: Primary, Secondary, Teacher info

Language of resource: EN, GE

Creativity and IP in Georgian schools is a project that aims to help teachers and pupils become familiar with IP-related topics. It is a joint project between the EU-Georgia Intellectual Property Project (EUGIPP) and the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia (Sakpatenti). The Ideaspowered@school initiative helped produce learning materials in Georgian and make them available to teachers and pupils.

Type of resource: Teacher info

Language of resource: EN

The IP Basics for Teachers brochure gives an overview of the various intellectual property (IP) rights addressed at teachers but also for anybody interested in learning about IP.

Type of resource: Primary, Secondary, Teacher info

Language of resource: EN, SV

The Copyright School contains inspirational and motivational material on copyright. The Copyright School contains educational and game-like exercises for primary school pupils, teachers and student teachers.

Upphovsrättsskolan innehåller inspirerande och motiverande material om upphovsrätt. I Upphovsrättsskolan finns pedagogiskt och spelliknande övningar för elever på grundskolan, lärare och lärarstudenter.

Type of resource: Secondary, Teacher info

Language of resource: EN, FR, NL

This learning about intellectual property module is specifically developed for higher education students, but is open to whoever wants to learn about intellectual property. The teacher manual contains information and tips on the use of ThatsIP.

Deze module leren over intellectuele eigendom is specifiek ontwikkeld voor studenten uit het hoger onderwijs, maar staat open voor iedereen die wil leren over intellectuele eigendom. Docenten uit het hoger onderwijs kunnen toegang krijgen tot de docentenhandleiding met informatie en tips over het gebruik van ThatsIP.

Ce module pour s'informer sur la propriété intellectuelle a été développé spécifiquement pour les étudiants de l’enseignement supérieur, mais il est ouvert à tous ceux qui veulent s’informer sur la propriété intellectuelle. Les enseignants peuvent accéder au manuel qui reprend des informations et des conseils sur l’utilisation de ThatsIP.

Type of resource: Primary, Secondary

Language of resource: EN, LV

“The Journey into the Industrial Property World”. Interdisciplinary material based around four animated films that provide a better understanding of the subject.

Type of resource: Secondary, Teacher info

Language of resource: EN, IT

The “Peers2Peers say NO” project by Adiconsum is aimed at making children understand how important it is to protect intellectual property, in order to ensure progress in the scientific and medical research, in technology, in the cultural production, but also in fashion, design, entertainment etc.

Il progetto "Peers2Peers say NO" di Adiconsum ha lo scopo di far capire ai bambini quanto sia importante proteggere la proprietà intellettuale, per garantire il progresso nella ricerca scientifica e medica, nella tecnologia, nella produzione culturale, ma anche nella moda, nel design, nello spettacolo ecc.

Type of resource: Secondary, Teacher info

Language of resource: EN, PT

The Brain Ideas project aims to increase knowledge and respect regarding the value of Intellectual Property, as a tool to protect creativity and innovation. It aims to raise students' awareness of intellectual property with the help of an Interactive Board Game and an Interactive Quiz that allows them to test their knowledge. Support materials are available so that teachers can organise awareness sessions on Intellectual Property in the classroom.

O projeto Brain Ideas tem como objetivo aumentar o conhecimento e o respeito relativamente ao valor da Propriedade Intelectual, enquanto ferramenta para proteger a criatividade e a inovação. Visa sensibilizar os estudantes para a propriedade intelectual com a ajuda de um Jogo de Tabuleiro Interactivo e um Quiz Interativo que lhes permite testar os seus conhecimentos. Para que o professor possa dinamizar sessões de sensibilização sobre a Propriedade Intelectual em sala de aula, disponibilizamos materiais de apoio.