Maya Sabbatini (Italy), Contemporary Jewelry Designer

Maya Sabbatini

When I sell my products, I sell a little piece of me

I am an Accademia Delle Arti Orafe graduate, class of 2011. After learning the basic techniques of jewellery, I got inspired from modern forms and became interested in contemporary jewellery. After a long break and working in completely different fields, I finally returned to my passion and I created my personal brand in 2015, where I can devote myself daily to the construction of unique handmade jewellery, in my studio in Rome, specializing completely by self-taught in the lost wax technique


This technique is based on to do sketches of wax and process them, assemble them, shape them, all by hand. Each piece is different from the other because I want to be a jewellery artisan devoted to the uniqueness of the piece, I'm not seeking a product made in series, industrially. With this method I developed fluid shapes and soft thus favoring my deepest creative inclination.

What mostly matters to me is to have a visually recognizable trademark, a signature style that will be able to accompany each piece of jewellery I produce. Behind every collection there is obviously a research well structured particularly as regards forms. I work mainly with 925 sterling silver and my hand follows almost always irregular lines, I like to work by creating rough and broken surfaces, pierce and roll up the metal, making it visibly warm and malleable, but frozen too. 

Behind all this of course is also a narrative research: the more careful people that have visited my website might have taken the meaning of the object or the collection thanks to the title of the works, but I also believe that an artist should not necessarily give a specific meaning to all.

A jewel is unique in every sense: most of my pieces are one of a kind, impossible to repeat twice. The meaning of "craft" or "artisanship" is also this, the uniqueness is crucial. When I sell one of these individual pieces I sell a little piece of me and I like to think that people appreciate both.